Fifth Grade

Our Fifth Grade Teacher is Mrs. Tucker


Welcome Parents and Students!

On here you will find resources to this weeks math lesson and a link to TypingWeb:


We are currently working on converting decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals. Here is a link that demonstrates an example of converting a decimal to a fraction:

Decimal to Fraction (external link)

When converting a fraction to a decimal students need to Divide the Numerator (top number) by the Denominator (bottom number). When set up as a long division problem the numerator should be underneath the long division symbol with the denominator on the outside.


Encourage your student to not look at the keyboard while they are typing, a strategy that we use in class is taping a piece of paper over the keyboard and the students slide their hands underneath the paper. I will send all students home with their usernames and passwords.

TypingWeb (external link)