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Middle School Basketball Coaches

The Cove School District is now accepting applications for the following two coaching positions:
Middle School Girl's Basketball
Middle School Boy's Basketball
If you are interested in applying for either of these two positions, please complete our district's Classified Staff/Coaching Application Form and provide a cover letter stating your coaching philosophy, your interest in our program, and any other relevant information. The application form can be found on our web site. Submit application and cover letter to Candy McGilvray on or before Octobter 1st, 2017. Applications may be hand delivered, mailed, or emailed to Mrs. McGilvray at: candy.mcgilvray@covesd.org.
Interviews will be held the first week of October. These positions will stay open until filled.

Volunteers Needed

We are in need of some volunteers to help out at Middle School And High School Volleyball and Football games. If you are interested please contact Candy at candy.mcgilvray@covesd.org

Thank you for all your help!

Fall 2017 Newsletter

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High School Secretary/Attendance

There has been some confusion on where and whom the High Schoolers are suppose to contact for various reasons. Kelsey is the District Secretary.  She will handle everything as before. Ginger Faro is backup. So, do what you have done in the past. Hope this clears up some confusion.

Our Mechanical Mascot

Russel Olmsted (lovingly referred to as “Teach”) is always up to something with his shop class.  This year’s project is ambitious and amazing.  For now, let’s just call it Cove’s Mechanical Mascot.  Here is a little video of them working out some of the kinks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM95ws8yVd4&feature=youtu.be


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