Mrs. Wright

Mrs. Wright--Kindergarten


Mrs. Thomas

Mrs. Thomas --First Grade

Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Williams--Second Grade


Mrs. Langford

Mrs. Langford--Third Grade


Mrs. Frank

Mrs. Frank--Fourth Grade


Mrs. Tucker

Mrs. Tucker--Fifth Grade


Mr. Gustavson

Mr. Gustavson--Sixth Grade and HS Art

Website (external link)

Mr. Dressen

Mr. Dressen--7th Grade and HS AutoCAD

Mr. Hubbard

Mr. Hubbard--8th Grade and Honors History

Mr. McBride

Mr. McBride-- K-12 Music

Songs for Play Day (external link)

Ms. Tally

Ms. Tally-- 8-12 PE, HS Health, and Library


Mr. Blackburn

Mr. Blackburn--HS Spanish

Mr. Gorham

Mr. Gorham--HS History and 6-7 PE

Mrs. Murchison

Mrs. Murchison-- HS Math and Senior Transitions


Mr. Olmstead

Mr. Olmstead--HS Shop and Metals

Ms. Michel

Ms. Michel--Resources

Mr. Wiseman

Mr. Wiseman--Science Grades 7-12, High School Science Classes


Mr. Kelley

Mr. Kelley--AG Sciences

Mrs. Noble

Mrs. Noble--Reading Specialist

Mrs. McGilvray

Mrs. McGilvray -- AD and HS Finance


Andrea Mallory

Andrea Mallory -- Instructional Assistant

Heide Thomas

Heide Thomas -- Instructional Assistant


Jeane Ralph -- Instructional Assistant

Mr. Miles

Mr. Miles--HS Principal

Mr. Pettit

Mr. Pettit--Elem Principal and Superintendent

Kelsey Stitzel

Kelsey Stitzel--Administrative Assistant

Amie Breshears

Amie Breshears--Deputy Clerk